New Old Stock

Some people keep things and some people like to travel light.I am a person who keeps things and wishes I could be a travel light sort of person.You just never know when you might need that whose-it or thing-a-ma-jig.I spend more time search for something I am so sure I have only to realize I gave it away during one of those times when I was trying to be a travel light type.fair wage for a days work

This was given to me yesterday.  It  is a little sewing kit and it came from a home where they really didn’t get rid of much.

What a nice reminder about fair labor standards anywhere.Quality,human dignity…


4 thoughts on “New Old Stock

  1. thenaughtybun says:

    I bought undies with ILGWU labels back in ’84 and I kept them as long as possible. Loved the pride in it being union made. Something that’s obvious to me (I’m Norwegian) but obviously was not over there. And still is not in most of today’s factories, I fear. Because if there were unions all over, we surely would not have the level of exploitation we can see if we open our eyes.

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