Lamps Without Light

I must be nesting.Actually I would rather be home than anywhere.All of my art stuff is at home.My entire apartment is my studio. I like having beautiful things around me even if I am covered in paint.There is tall basket full of antique parasols ,more kid gloves than anyone should own ,a silk piano shawl and lamps with fringe shades.I seem to be drawn to boudoir lamps that throw no light but are jewelry for the room.You either get this or you don’t.

beaded boudoir lamps_repurposed materials

vintage style handmade boudoir lamps

I have always cannibalized lamp parts from thrift stores to remake new lamps but to do small lamps like these I needed to find someone who could make lampshade skeletons the right size for me to cover and embellish.Someone who could reuse whatever he could and weld.I had seen an artisan’s lamps at a couple of places local to me and I was really loving his work.Lisa at EcoWorks suggested I contact Dave.

Now I have lampshades.

black green velvet fringe lanpshadeboudoir lamp fringe insideblue beaded boudoir lamp repurposed

I strongly suggest you visit his website Another Bright Idea.You see,he also makes lamps (as well as many other things) with a Steampunk industrial sensibility.Really go,I am serious.

I will be selling these lamps on my website soon!


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