I Can Paint That


I paint. If it stays still long enough I will paint it. Over the years I have painted various pieces of furniture and done some murals. (Painting on the walls is the best,goes against the rules.Of course it isn’t in this circumstance but it still feels like it) I always hoped each job I did would lead to another. Never happened.

vintage repurposed circus stripe Victorian chair

hand painted and recovered Victorian spindle chair

Being proactive,and “getting out there” both a complete anathema have  now become a requirement. So….designing postcards to be sent,pinned to bulletin boards etc has become a project of epic proportions. (Although moving at glacial speed)


Victorian tall dresser_mirror attached ed cust

custom painted Victorian high dresser with mirror


Paying for said postcards …..lots of them.Well…

     I would hire me.


More of my work can be seen at delightworthyn ART/wares. I have also done some revamping of the website and that looks pretty good too.


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