Season of the Dress

OK folks,you heard it here first (or let’s pretend anyway) the summer of 2016 is the summer of the dress.Purely anecdotally ,  but I have sold several in the last couple of weeks after a depressingly long , maybe I will give up and be a person who greets you at a certain large retail store chain , kind of long time.

delightworthyn ART/waresdrop waist linen flapper dress by delightworthyn ART/waresblue plaid taffeta swing dress_ruffled shrugLuckily I have so many ideas percolating and my work hours just got, um , shortened , which is always a mixed bag.Who needs to buy food anyway , right? As long as the cat has his needs met we’re good. I have fabric and paint! Oh and coffee…that is a requirement.

So , if you are looking to be really fashion forward ( and if you are reading this then YOU MUST BE ) you need to go out and get yourself a dress.

If you are male , well, you are on your own. (a kilt?)

Also I have been working hard on making my website nav function better with drop down menus!You can have a look right here.


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