A Hat Called Chaos

I was recently asked to contribute a mini hat to book project entitled CHAOS.This is a project to raise funds which is great and the subject is so very appropriate to my own life of the past year and a half or so.

Chaos brought to my mind the myth of Pandora’s box and so I decided to make a hat that WAS Pandora’s box!

chaos process 1chaos process 2 Now to planning and figuring how to make what I envisioned a reality.The hardest part…finding small hinges. At least that is what I thought would be the hardest.chaos 2Uh-huh,did it! Getting them on,well that turned out to be a hair pulling out,yelling at the cat,kind of challenge.But….did that too, cat not traumatized¬† , hair still intact on head.

chaos 1

chaos 3I decided to let a little hope escape after all.And now I will be sending it off to Australia.


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