A Sardine Can?

A sardine can with key.It was in a pile of miscellaneous metal stuff at EcoWorks,Inc. and it spoke to me.Had to go back to get it. (worried it would be gone) I have several frozen Charlotte doll parts including a larger glazed porcelain head,a real outlier.Normally drawn to the small bisque dolls with a tiny bit of color on the face.

Arms and legs optional 🙂

Things just click in your head.

frozen charlotte doll parts_watch_parts mixed media art by delight worthyn

Bath Time

Bartered with a woman in the U.K. for a bag of watch parts, pen nibs and other sundries in exchange for feathered hat pin she coveted that was in my shop  several years ago.The rusty,or rather, patinated ,ball chain I probably picked up in the street (guessing), the vintage glass pearls came from a bag of old jewelry someone gave me.

mixed media art by delightworthyn ART/wares

This is why I have a hard time throwing things away….wheels start to turn and then ‘ well,I might need this’. I would use all these things if time allowed and I think this is true of most creative types.I am sure that there will always be people  (even in my own life) who will just have to roll their eyes when I drag something home that they think should have been left on the curb.

To them I say…Bath Time!





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