Break Some Eggs

You have a website. You need to know is who your potential customer is. And it can’t be you! This the internet oracles tell you and it always was a head scratcher.My potential customer IS me and it took me a long time to chuck this rule out the window.I mean,naturally am not selling things to myself..that would be silly but I generally think ‘would I wear it?’ It isn’t hard and fast but works best for me.

In an effort to diversify my product line I have been concentrating on adding some less labor intensive items that might have broader appeal.Broke that rule when I started layering vintage laces to make this hat.

handmade vintage lace pink bucket hatIt hadn’t been my intention but I had dyed the cotton base pink…not any pink mind you but the ugliest ant- acid product pink.You know the one.Really horrifying unless you are a 7 year old girl.(maybe) I also inadvertently painted my bathroom that pink, but I digress.

There are are lots of layers here.It is a like a gooey layer cake.The photo doesn’t do it justice. I had no choice but to use the lights instead of natural light since we aren’t having any natural light today.Never the best way.

I am going to line the inside with the horrendous pink.I feel I must.

In the final analysis I would wear it.

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