I am Delight and I have a chair fetish

Not just any chair.Just the oak Victorian kitchen chairs with spindles and light carving on the backs.Yes,indeed.The really uncomfortable chairs .My house is full of them.I have dragged them home from trash piles,thrift stores and salvage places forever. That’s right.I have an apartment full of chairs that no one wants to sit on,including me.(Though the cat is fine with them) Victorian kitchen chair handpainted greenThe best thing about these beauties is that from an artist’s point of view they are really a canvas.I have laid some fabric on the seat because I am going to make a perfectly round pillow to sit on the seat which as you can see is in process. round patchwork cushion Before the holidays I was excited because it looked like a local venue that does wonderful chair caning was interested in putting a few chairs in their store and even giving me a lesson in caning.Sadly this seems to have fallen through for reasons unknown to me so I am hoping to find another venue that might want to give these painted ladies a try.Maybe shows…ugh…I don’t know.Maybe I will just have a bunch of great looking chairs.Maybe a string quartet will want to practice at my place.

It will keep people from over staying their welcome!back detail handpainted Victorian kitchen chairYou can see my other work here and here


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