Lamps Without Light

I must be nesting.Actually I would rather be home than anywhere.All of my art stuff is at home.My entire apartment is my studio. I like having beautiful things around me even if I am covered in paint.There is tall basket full of antique parasols ,more kid gloves than anyone should own ,a silk piano shawl and lamps with fringe shades.I seem to be drawn to boudoir lamps that throw no light but are jewelry for the room.You either get this or you don’t.

beaded boudoir lamps_repurposed materials

vintage style handmade boudoir lamps

I have always cannibalized lamp parts from thrift stores to remake new lamps but to do small lamps like these I needed to find someone who could make lampshade skeletons the right size for me to cover and embellish.Someone who could reuse whatever he could and weld.I had seen an artisan’s lamps at a couple of places local to me and I was really loving his work.Lisa at EcoWorks suggested I contact Dave.

Now I have lampshades.

black green velvet fringe lanpshadeboudoir lamp fringe insideblue beaded boudoir lamp repurposed

I strongly suggest you visit his website Another Bright Idea.You see,he also makes lamps (as well as many other things) with a Steampunk industrial sensibility.Really go,I am serious.

I will be selling these lamps on my website soon!

I Can Paint That


I paint. If it stays still long enough I will paint it. Over the years I have painted various pieces of furniture and done some murals. (Painting on the walls is the best,goes against the rules.Of course it isn’t in this circumstance but it still feels like it) I always hoped each job I did would lead to another. Never happened.

vintage repurposed circus stripe Victorian chair

hand painted and recovered Victorian spindle chair

Being proactive,and “getting out there” both a complete anathema have  now become a requirement. So….designing postcards to be sent,pinned to bulletin boards etc has become a project of epic proportions. (Although moving at glacial speed)


Victorian tall dresser_mirror attached ed cust

custom painted Victorian high dresser with mirror


Paying for said postcards …..lots of them.Well…

     I would hire me.


More of my work can be seen at delightworthyn ART/wares. I have also done some revamping of the website and that looks pretty good too.

Season of the Dress

OK folks,you heard it here first (or let’s pretend anyway) the summer of 2016 is the summer of the dress.Purely anecdotally ,  but I have sold several in the last couple of weeks after a depressingly long , maybe I will give up and be a person who greets you at a certain large retail store chain , kind of long time.

delightworthyn ART/waresdrop waist linen flapper dress by delightworthyn ART/waresblue plaid taffeta swing dress_ruffled shrugLuckily I have so many ideas percolating and my work hours just got, um , shortened , which is always a mixed bag.Who needs to buy food anyway , right? As long as the cat has his needs met we’re good. I have fabric and paint! Oh and coffee…that is a requirement.

So , if you are looking to be really fashion forward ( and if you are reading this then YOU MUST BE ) you need to go out and get yourself a dress.

If you are male , well, you are on your own. (a kilt?)

Also I have been working hard on making my website nav function better with drop down menus!You can have a look right here.

A Hat Called Chaos

I was recently asked to contribute a mini hat to book project entitled CHAOS.This is a project to raise funds which is great and the subject is so very appropriate to my own life of the past year and a half or so.

Chaos brought to my mind the myth of Pandora’s box and so I decided to make a hat that WAS Pandora’s box!

chaos process 1chaos process 2 Now to planning and figuring how to make what I envisioned a reality.The hardest part…finding small hinges. At least that is what I thought would be the hardest.chaos 2Uh-huh,did it! Getting them on,well that turned out to be a hair pulling out,yelling at the cat,kind of challenge.But….did that too, cat not traumatized  , hair still intact on head.

chaos 1

chaos 3I decided to let a little hope escape after all.And now I will be sending it off to Australia.

A Sardine Can?

A sardine can with key.It was in a pile of miscellaneous metal stuff at EcoWorks,Inc. and it spoke to me.Had to go back to get it. (worried it would be gone) I have several frozen Charlotte doll parts including a larger glazed porcelain head,a real outlier.Normally drawn to the small bisque dolls with a tiny bit of color on the face.

Arms and legs optional:)

Things just click in your head.

frozen charlotte doll parts_watch_parts mixed media art by delight worthyn

Bath Time

Bartered with a woman in the U.K. for a bag of watch parts, pen nibs and other sundries in exchange for feathered hat pin she coveted that was in my shop  several years ago.The rusty,or rather, patinated ,ball chain I probably picked up in the street (guessing), the vintage glass pearls came from a bag of old jewelry someone gave me.

mixed media art by delightworthyn ART/wares

This is why I have a hard time throwing things away….wheels start to turn and then ‘ well,I might need this’. I would use all these things if time allowed and I think this is true of most creative types.I am sure that there will always be people  (even in my own life) who will just have to roll their eyes when I drag something home that they think should have been left on the curb.

To them I say…Bath Time!




Break Some Eggs

You have a website. You need to know is who your potential customer is. And it can’t be you! This the internet oracles tell you and it always was a head scratcher.My potential customer IS me and it took me a long time to chuck this rule out the window.I mean,naturally am not selling things to myself..that would be silly but I generally think ‘would I wear it?’ It isn’t hard and fast but works best for me.

In an effort to diversify my product line I have been concentrating on adding some less labor intensive items that might have broader appeal.Broke that rule when I started layering vintage laces to make this hat.

handmade vintage lace pink bucket hatIt hadn’t been my intention but I had dyed the cotton base pink…not any pink mind you but the ugliest ant- acid product pink.You know the one.Really horrifying unless you are a 7 year old girl.(maybe) I also inadvertently painted my bathroom that pink, but I digress.

There are are lots of layers here.It is a like a gooey layer cake.The photo doesn’t do it justice. I had no choice but to use the lights instead of natural light since we aren’t having any natural light today.Never the best way.

I am going to line the inside with the horrendous pink.I feel I must.

In the final analysis I would wear it.

Visit my website delightworthyn ART/wares

March 21 Was My Birthday.

Birthdays are the beginning of our own private new year  . You have one and I have one.The January 1st one is…oh let’s not even go there. The last couple have been a challenge but have made me realize that changes have to be made and change is good. Right? I am sorry I didn’t hear you…right?  (I will be seen in public muttering this for a while I suspect and I may even start to believe it😉 ).

It is happening either way.

Simplify…that is the watchword. I am on my own and this has become painfully obvious so …full speed ahead on my own.

(with Boris,meow)

delightworthyn ART/wares

come visit my shop delightworthyn ART/wares

I am Delight and I have a chair fetish

Not just any chair.Just the oak Victorian kitchen chairs with spindles and light carving on the backs.Yes,indeed.The really uncomfortable chairs .My house is full of them.I have dragged them home from trash piles,thrift stores and salvage places forever. That’s right.I have an apartment full of chairs that no one wants to sit on,including me.(Though the cat is fine with them) Victorian kitchen chair handpainted greenThe best thing about these beauties is that from an artist’s point of view they are really a canvas.I have laid some fabric on the seat because I am going to make a perfectly round pillow to sit on the seat which as you can see is in process. round patchwork cushion Before the holidays I was excited because it looked like a local venue that does wonderful chair caning was interested in putting a few chairs in their store and even giving me a lesson in caning.Sadly this seems to have fallen through for reasons unknown to me so I am hoping to find another venue that might want to give these painted ladies a try.Maybe shows…ugh…I don’t know.Maybe I will just have a bunch of great looking chairs.Maybe a string quartet will want to practice at my place.

It will keep people from over staying their welcome!back detail handpainted Victorian kitchen chairYou can see my other work here and here

A Seriously Broke New Year

Last year at this this I was ill,very ill and it has taken some time for me to begin to recover.During this time my online shop delightworthyn ART/wares suffered from lack of attention and I sort of lost focus.It is amazing how fast you can be hurled into oblivion.I began making hats styled like the hats I love because the ones I owned were getting too fragile to wear.brown plaid wool Dowtown Abbey style womans hatIt seemed natural and I always made things from all of the stuff that I ended up collecting at thrift stores and junk shops.I added a few other things here and there and slowly I was selling.Then fairly regularly,but life had other ideas and since I was always hearing how much people loved my hats…but they didn’t wear hats and I felt this was limiting for me too a new year was a good time to try out some new products.



First I did some lavender sachets that sold quite well locally around the holiday period.


vintage fabric lavender sachets

But I thought It might be fun to make some arty throw pillows.That is what I have been doing.I think being made from patchworks of Art Deco Fabrics and Sari Silks has made for some interesting combos.I love all the colors and the fabrics are still all repurposed.I am hoping they will have a broader appeal because the job hunt is been pretty dismal and change is good.(I say this over and over and one day I may even believe it).I do have loads of ideas but a chronic illness sometimes decides how much you are doing each day.And of course,the check book…

red monkey for Chinese new year

red monkey for Chinese new year







2016-01-09 15.06.10



patchwork repurposed art for the home