Upcycle your way through the Holiday Season

As a person with bipolar disorder a lot of my family has decided to not be a part of my life and so I try to stay busy making things.This year I was thinking a lot about doves of peace, seems we could use some of that now more than ever. A while back I had purchased this vintage appliance wire roll at Urban Miners LLC .It looked cool but I really had no idea at the time what I might do with it but then this wire becomes these birds.

vintage spool appliance wirebird ornaments from vintage appliance wire







If fact, what I was trying to do was to make a template that I could emboss some scraps of velvet with the bird design.I needed something that could withstand the heat involved in the process.I think the birds look great as they are but the embossed velvet looks pretty good too.


embossed velvet scraps

But back to the wire.


Can you imagine doing a whole school of fish filling a blue wall?


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talenthouse contest

Never been one for contests but I have been trying to finish this dress and was having some trouble with motivation.Since  there was a time limit I decided this would push me to finish .It worked!I finished and posted it on time.hand sewn antique silk dress for talenthouse #LenasDress contestIt is so hard to photograph anything black and you just loose so much detail.You just have to live with it.The top is all soutache,which you can’t see and the silks range from thrift to antique Edwardian.I am anxious to see it on a person because with the layers and tatters and uneven hemline it should be amazing.

close up black Edwardian beadingI have never won a contest in my life but I am happy to have finished it.I am pleased with the work I have done and looking forward to what my favorite photographers will come up with for a shoot.

The contest is here

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My Cat is Blogging

Admittedly the thumb thing is problematic but considering my typing that probably isn’t that much of a deterrent.There is some method behind this madness,I think, but I will leave that until later.For now it is just antics that all of us that share our home with furry critters can relate too from the devious little brain of the dastardly Boris.

it's may be only 4 a.m.

It may be 4 a.m. but it’s time to get up

Justice Delayed

delightworthyn ART/wares   I made this dress a while ago.I have even shown it walking down a runway  twice and it looked great but I have never gotten photos to do it justice.

Until now.

Every artist or maker has pieces that are their personal favorites.Interestingly they often don’t speak to others in quite the same way.This,for me is one of those dresses.  delightworthyn ART/waresIt always brought to mind bathing costumes of a bygone era which was what I envisioned the second I saw the striped top at the thrift store.I spent hours hand stitching little pieces of lace that I cut out and dyed to achieve a defined waist.The skirt is layers of silk chiffon pulled up here and there to expose the layer underneath.

It isn’t flashy.


Now, thanks to Bowker House Photography I have the photos I have been waiting for!

delightworthyn ART/wares


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It’s Art,I can Do What I Want

c1920 flappers at the beach   It is hard to believe but it is July 15 and I haven’t had to use the A/C yet.I do realize I just jinxed it but I am not sure the last time this happened.I am sure the electric company is none too happy and will probably put in for a rate increase ;)

Here are some lovely flapper types enjoying a day at the beach with military helicopters in the back ground.It’s art,I can do what I want. You can see more of my digital art,mostly done on my phone here.

delightworthyn ART/wares

How About A Nice Cotton Hat?

Now that I have ended my flirtation with Tumblr I have taken the plunge and purchased the ‘refashion confidential’ domain name! Tumblr fed right onto the website though I doubt anyone ever read it, who knows,but it would be nice to go seamlessly back and forth.Please refrain from writing to me,all you virtual assistant types!This is just an observation and not a cry for help.

Summer is here and I think everyone should have a hat.How about a nice cotton- scrunch- it- up- when- not- on- your head- and- throw- it- in- the- washer- hat,huh? eggplant_green stripe recycled cotton bucket hat 1  cotton ribbed cloche hat _purple ruffle edge

delightworthyn ART/wares

And we are back…

Well,really.I only had a flirtation with Tumblr but that is all over now.Plan on doing a little sprucing up here,just a little spit and polish.While I was out some things did happen the you may have missed.Notably,I closed my Etsy shop once and for always with not so much as a pang.

I had the website and it is hard ,being one person to do everything and the changes at Etsy made it easy.I have been taking new photos,working on the site itself with more plans to come.

Along the way I met a couple of wonderful photographers,a husband and wife team and they have take some shot that I can’t even come up with enough superlative adjectives for.I will just show you some,ok.


Bowkerhouse PhotographyKayt-Silvers-Irrigate

Coco…who else?

little black dress,coco chanel,fashion,vintage,style

the original LBD

We all know that she is credited with introducing the concept of the LBD (little black dress) a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. I am sure it will remain so.

The original dress was crepe de chine with long sleeves,a sheath style so revolutionary it set the stage for the boyish look of the 1920s flapper.No hips,no bust…straight,straight,straight.

Forget the Nancy Reagan suits which is what I often think of when I hear the word Chanel.Forget even the quilted bag…a style I will never understand.Forget Karl Laugerfeld…please…and get back to the basic Coco Chanel.

Believe me when I tell you

Wow…I haven’t been here in a long time.I do have a legit excuse though.My beloved cat of 18 years died.Basically I have been barely functional.I did take in another cat as he needed a home and I had one to give.It is a good match and I am happy he is here.Meet Boris Fluffypantscats,animal adoption

The 3rd annual Trashion Show went really well.It was very well attended and a lot of fun.A little drama as with any show….models not showing up…upcycled,tee shirts,refashion,ecofashion,dress,fashion show white tee shirt dress,wedding dress,alternative fashion,upcycled,recycled,ecofashion








This dress was made from white tee shirts!Believe me when I tell you finding white tee shirts that were not,well,less than white,was something of a challenge.I persevered and I think this dress looks so cute on her and I am pleased with the result.

My goal has always been to make beautiful and functional items that just happen to be upcycled.